Scientific profile:

Functioning of ecosystems of various water bodies, especially those strongly influenced by human impact, strategy of their protection and restoration, influence of changed environmental conditions on biota, water quality and bottom sediments.
Current research topics:

  • The structure and role of microbial loop in food-web of lakes differing in trophic state.
  • Functioning of humic lakes under influence of catchment area. Microbiological processes in humic lakes.
  • The role of bottom sediments in internal phosphorus loading of eutrophic and hypereutrophic lakes. Role of chemical compounds in phosphorus immobilisation in bottom sediments.
  • The influence of the preliminary reservoirs on river water quality.
  • Structure and importance of phytoplankton communities in lakes and rivers, also with regard to picoplankton-size organisms.
  • Functioning of land-water ecotones as barrier for nutrients and contamination migrating from drainage basin.
  • Mechanisms of functioning river-lake systems in landscape.
  • Rotifers as bioindicators of surface water contamination by protozoan parasites
  • The impact of the environmental parameters on the structure of rotifers and crustacean communities of shallow lakes.
  • The functioning of plankton communities in various habitats of small water bodies.
  • Diurnal distribution of rotifers (Rotifera) within the Chara stand.
  • Phytosociological studies of lakes of the Wielkopolska region.
  • The Potamogeton genus invasive species develop condition on exemple of Drawa River
  • Influence of stormwater on river water quality and macroinvertebrates.
  • Influence of the catchment area on the trophic state of the lakes.
  • Cyanotoxins in water bodies used for recreation and water supply.
  • Influence of restoration measures on lake ecosystem, especially on plankton communities and bottom macroinvertebrates.
  • Modelling of interactions between biotic and abiotic components in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to assess the state and protection of water ecosystems.

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