Assistant Professor
Phone: +48 61 829 5783

Research interest

  • the role of sediments in the formation of lake trophic status
  • the reduction of internal phosphorus loading by chemical substances
  • the eutrophication od freshwater ecosystems in lake-river systems
  • the results of sustainable lake restoration

Short CV

2004 – 2008 Ph.D. studies at the AMU Faculty of Biology

2008 – 2012 Assistant Professor in AMU Jeziory Ecological Station

since 2012  Assistant Professor in AMU Department of Water Protection


Abiotic aspects of environment functioning

Physico-chemical basics of environment assesment

Water management

Ecological catastrophs

The protection and restoration of waterbodies

Environment restoration and waste management

Threats and technologies of water treatment

 Membership and awards

A member of the Polish Hydrobiological Society and the Polish Limnological Society


Selected publications:

  1. Dondajewska R., Kozak A., Kowalczewska-Madura K., Budzyńska A., Gołdyn R., Podsiadłowski S., Tomkowiak A., 2017, The response of a shallow hypertrophic lake to innovative restoration measures – Uzarzewskie Lake case study, Ecological Engineering (in press)
  2. Barałkiewicz D., Chudzińska M., Szpakowska B., Świerk D., Gołdyn R., Dondajewska R., 2014, Stormwater contamination and its effect on the quality of urban surface waters, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 186: 6789-6803
  3. Messyasz B., Barylski J., Gąbka M., Burchardt L., Goździka-Józefiak A., Nowicki G., Dondajewska R., Lamentowicz Ł., Rybak A., 2011, Nitrogen forms concentrations as main factor determining composition of phytoplankton and bacteria assemblages the eutrophic lake. European Journal of Phycology 46, Suppl. 1: 163
  4. Gołdyn R., Dondajewska R., Szeląg-Wasielewska E., Szyper H., 2009. An appraisal of changes in seasonal water quality during passage through a shallow reservoir in Western Poland, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 151: 181-188
  5. Dondajewska R., 2015, Hydromorphological assessment of flowing waters [in:] Joniak T. (red.) Assessment of the state of inland surface waters. A guide for field and laboratory studies. UAM, Wydział Biologii, Biblioteka Pomocy Dydaktycznych nr 4: 111-130

Full list of publications: