E-mail: akozak-at-amu.edu.pl
Phone: +48 61 829 5878

Office: 0.83 (ground floor)

Research interest

Aquatic ecosystems esp. phytoplankton of eutrophic and hypertrophic lakes

Phytoplankton and Water Quality during Sustainable Restoration

The response of phytoplankton to changes in the water quality of lakes under restoration procedure, phyto-zooplankton relationships

Changes in phytoplankton community in freshwater ecosystems, cyanobacterial blooms

Invasive phytoplankton species

Short CV


2000: A doctoral degree in biology

2018: Habilitation in biological sciences, in biology – ecology (Functioning of rotifer and crustacean communities (Response of selected ecosystem elements to changes in the water quality in lakes under restoration treatments)

2019: associate professor


Assessment of Water quality

BSc and MSc laboratory


Environmental restoration and waste management

Environmental research methods

Lectures in Methods Biological and physicochemical elements of assessment the ecological status of water bodies, laboratories and field

Protection and Restoration of Water Bodies

Waste management technologies – some aspects

 Membership and awards:

Team Degree Adam Mickiewicz University Rector Award in Didactic Achievements, 2016

Scientific Award of the Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University, 2017

Polish Hydrobiological Society (PTH)

Polish Phycological Society (PTF)

Federation of European Phycological Societies (FEPS)


See: orcid.org/0000-0001-7448-0498