Retired senior lecturer


Education and Qualifications:

  • 1979–1984 – Study at A. Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Faculty of Biology
  • 1984 – M.Sc.
  • 1993 – Ph. D.
  • 1983–1990 – Scientific worker in Institute of Environmental Management
  • 1990–1994 – Assistant in Department of Water Protection at University of Poznan
  • Since 1994  – Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer

Scientific interests:

  • Problems of functioning the water ecosystems and the boggy areas
  • Current state and the temporary changes in functioning of the unique oligotrophic/mesotrophic lobelian and characeans lakes
  • Biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems including vegetation structure
  • Mechanisms of functioning river – lake  systems in landscape
  • Modelling of interactions between biotic and abiotic elements in aquatic ecosystems
  • Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Water Quality
  • Biological Indicators of Lake Trophic State

Selected  publications :


Course lectures:

  • General Ecology – for students of Faculty of Biology and Faculty of Chemistry,
  • Ecological Modelling in Hydrobiology – for students of Envitonmetal Protection
  • Methods of Hydrobiological Studies  -for students of Faculty of Biology
  • Laboratory, field, and classes activities: with wide range of Aquatic Ecology and Limnology, General Ecology, Protection of Nature, Hydrobiology and Ecological Modelling.

Topics of some example works: 

  • Influence of catchment area on trophic state of selected lakes
  • The influence of selected ecological factors on occurrence of the hydromacrophytes in rivers
  • The assessment of ecological state of river on basis of investigations of vegetation
  • Conditioning of vegetation structure of chosen peatbog in protected area (National Parks)
  • Use of the new method of macrophytoindication ( MFI) to assessment of ecological state of selected lakes
  • The assessment of quality of surface waters on basis secelected environmental factors