e-mail: pklim-at-amu.edu.pl

Phone (+48) 61 829 5930

Office: 0.082 (ground floor


Research interest

Hydrobiology, Landscape ecology

  • transfer of chemical elements from catchment area to lakes and rivers
  • impact of waterfowls on freshwater ecosystems
  • freshwater ecosystems pollution and monitoring
  • freshwater fish biology and ecology
  • benthic invertebrates biology and ecology
  • wetlands functioning

Short CV

1993  MSc in Biology – A. Mickiewicz University -„ Fish communities of the dam reservoirs of the lower Cybina River””

2000 – PhD in Ecology –  „ Functioning of small water bodies in Wielkopolska National Park”

2016 – Head of Department of Water Protection


 Physical and chemical features in the environment assessment

  • Hydrozoology
  • Botany and sozology of Northern Poland
  • Methodology in hydrobiological researches
  • Functioning of wetlands and freshwater habitats
  • River courses, ecological implications of their transformation
  • Biological and physicochemical elements of assessment the ecological status of water

 Membership and scientific activity

Member of the Board of Polish Limnological Society,

Head of the Revision Comitee of the local branch of Polish Hydrobiological Society

Editor of journal Limnological Review


  • head: Grant KBN 6P04F 05710 „Functioning of small water bodies in protected areas of Wielkopolska national Park under human stress” 1998- 2000
  • head: Grant KBN 3P04E 007 22 „Surface runoff – influence on the functioning of midforest pond”. 2002 -2005
  • head: Grant MNiSW NN305 100435 „Impact of colonies and roosts of black cormorant on the transfer of nutrients between land and water ecosystems”- 2008 – 2012
  • scientific head: Grant: NCBiR POIR.01.01.01-00-0853/15 „Research and development of high eficient methot of oxygenation of deep hypolimnetic lake watersi”. 2016

Other interests

Environment, Angling (open sea fishing expedition), mushroom picking, forest walking with my dog, music (punk, Grunge-Seatlle and other rock), Bourbon with moderation J

Favorite papers

  •  Klimaszyk P. Rzymski P., 2018, Water and aquatic fauna on drugs: what are the impacts of pharmaceutical pollution? in: Water Management and the Environment: Case Studies, Springer
  • Rzymski P., Klimaszyk P., Marszelewski W., Borowiak D. et al., 2017, The chemistry and toxicity of discharge waters from copper mine tailing impoundment in the valley of the Apuseni Mountains in Romania. Environ. Sci. Pollution Res. 24, 26: 21445 -21458 ly/2zzumAa
  • Klimaszyk P., Rzymski P., 2016, The complexity of ecological impacts induced by Great Comorants, Hydrobiologia, 771, 1: 13–30  ly/2i2kGag
  • Klimaszyk P., Rzymski P., Piotrowicz R., Joniak T., 2015, Contribution of surface runoff from forested areas to the chemistry of a through-flow lake. Environ. Earth Sci. 73 (8): 3963-3973
  • Klimaszyk P., Rzymski P., 2013, Catchment vegetation can trigger lake dystrophy through changes in runoff water quality. Annales de Limnologie- Intern. J. Limnol. 49: 191-197